Covid Membership Applications
Many thanks for your recent interest for membership of JGARC, currently we are not taking any new members due to ongoing Covid restrictions.  
Prior to being given membership of our club we require all individuals to conduct an induction session and then carry out a probation period of 3 months prior to being granted full membership of the club.  
It is also a requirement that individuals apply for and are issued with an Air Weapons Licence and have appropriate insurance to cover the activities they are involved in.  
Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid situation we are not running any induction sessions at present.  
We do hope that as we see the lifting of restrictions, we will then be able to start the induction sessions again and accept new members.
We will look to provide an update to anyone seeking membership once the club are in a position to re-start the club inductions.
Club Secretary


Gaining Membership At Juniper Green A.R.C. 

The first step to becoming a member here at Juniper Green is to contact our secretary via our email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will then be added to our waiting list. Once a sufficient number of people are there to run an induction then an induction weekend will be setup. This will be done from around 10am to 3pm on a Saturday or Sunday. Prospective members who cannot make these days will remain on the waiting list until the next available induction, which may be several months away.

Induction Day

On your induction day, it will start with some free tea and coffee and then start with a classroom session which will include RANGE SAFETY, an introduction to the club, an introduction to the various fire arms that you can shoot at the range as well as all relevant safety regarding shooting, filling, targets and general expected membership etiquette. 

Once we have advised of the rules and laws regarding the owner ship of air weapons (and other fire arms if requested) will be followed by a questions and answers session where we take and answer any questions the probationers give us.

This is followed by a tour of our land, shooting points, the areas we have the ground split into and what we can and can't fire in what area.

A break for tea and coffee is followed by some shooting, we allow the probationers to shoot generally a few at a time so one member can advise and be hands on with the probationary members and another member observing for any obvious problems (Safety violations, weapon jams etc.).

After a shoot, this will be followed by filling in your contact details paperwork, being issues your probationary card and paying your probationary fee (see table below). If you do not have your AWL (Air Weapon Licence) we will assist you in filling this in, copies will be available from the club.

Probationary Process

Once you have had your induction day, you are put on probation for three months. During this three months you cannot shoot alone, you must attend at least 10 sessions (a session is defined as 2 hours as that is the general length of a club session, the range has been known to be open 12 hours on weekend days). This allows us to observe and correct any potential issues with your shooting.

Once your three months is up and you have achieved your minimum visits, your application for full membership will be put to the committee, providing there have been no violations of club rules or safety issues most likely your membership will be offered. At this point we will arrange a membership day (again at the weekend) so member can come, pay their membership fee (see the table below) and receive their membership card.

Due to licencing the club has seen a marketed increase in the cost of putting members through probation, as a result, we have advised that probationers purchase their own pellets (available at discounted rate from the club).  The club has weapons available for probationers until your licence is processed.

Please note that membership is not offered to members who have not attained an Air Weapon Licence. 

Pay To Play

Full members may bring a friend or a relative for a shoot at the range. The fee is in the table below. The member bringing their visitor must sign the visitor in and they are responsible for any violations of safety or club rules. The key holder will be more than happy to go over the club rules and safety if you would like backup, but explaining this is on you.

Pay To Play is NOT open to the general public, it’s by 'invite' only.


Membership Type














(<12 Y/o)

Pay To Play


Per Session (2 Hours)

Induction Fee