Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I become a member? 
    Simply click our membership link and follow the instructions there
  2. Is your membership open to anyone? 
    Yes. We allow membership from 5 years old upwards.
  3.  Can I come as a visitor? -
    Perhaps. We offer pay to play sessions but this is by invite of a full member only. The member inviting you is responsible for your actions while you are on the range
  4. is Juniper Green ARC on other social media? 
    Yes, Members and probationers can request to be added to our club Facebook page.
  5. Do I need a licence for my airgun? 
    Yes, Juniper Green does not offer membership to anyone who does not hold their own Air Weapon Licence
  6. Does the club have guns visitors or probationers can use 
    We have a selection of rifles and PCP's for use by probationers
  7. What are the club rules? 
    Members can sign in and view the club rules. 
  8. Are exploding targets allowed? 
    Only coke bottle 'blank' targets are allowed as the exploding targets have caused small fires at the range
  9. Do you have a minimum number of visits required to maintain your membership? 
     Yes, all members are required to complete a minimum of 10 visits per year to retain ongoing membership of the club.  The club
     must advise Police Scotland when asked, how often a member has been attending. If they have been absent from the club for an extended period of time their licence may be revoked by the issuing authority.
  10.  Where are you located? 
    Near Riccarton Mains Road, Edinburgh a little down from the Herriott Watt Park and Ride.
  11. Do you have a waiting list? 
    Yes and It's currently open to new members.
  12. Do you allow Archery or Crossbows on your range? 
    We do, we offer both! But only on their designated ranges.
  13. Do you allows FAC powered rifles? 
    No, We only allow <12ft/lbs rifle sand sub 6ft/lbs pistols.